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Aiel Heart

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Mafia--Game Thread--Day 3

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Quartermain looked around at the other individuals in the room. 
A pirate with a questionable past.
A thief with invisible skin
A woman with scientific knowledge. 
He looked down at the files again. 
One he knew of, and thought would be helpful to the team. 
But the other… It’d be difficult to know how to control him. 
Quartermain didn’t trust them, not any of them, but he knew that the abilities each of them had would be useful in this endeavor. 
He could see why this “M” had chosen them. 
Now to get to Venice to stop this “Fantom” from attacking the conference and start a world war. 
M spoke “The clock hands turn, gentlemen.”
“Kicking us out already? A moment ago, it was sherry and giggles.” The partially invisible Skinner turned up the collar of his coat and strode to the door. 

Once again, kitchen sink + a bit of experimental
Anyhow, official rules:
1. Day 1 will be 96 hours (4 days) long at most. The rest of the days will be 36 hours long, and nights will be 12 hours. Weekends cause this time to double.
2. This is a hammer game. Lack of consensus in voting when deadline is reached will result in a random knockout.
3) Do not talk about this game outside this thread unless you have been granted access to a QT, in which case you may talk in the QT as well.
4) Do not quote anything in your role pm or in any QTs you might have access to.
5) Move reveals are allowed. Character reveals are not allowed.
6) Do not game the Mod. (like, seriously. I throw random things in my games just to see what happens. Just play the game)
7) If I feel something is outside the spirit of the game, it will result in restrictions or modkilling.
8) When you are killed, you are allowed one “blah” post which may not reveal any game-related information
9) Do not edit your posts
10) Votes must be bold and red. (just use the tag) You must unvote to revote (I know some of you hate this one but I WILL enforce it). 
11) I expect activity. A bit of spam is welcome, but there must be at least game related post per phase. Also--PLEASE BE POLITE.
12) Submit actions in your role pm.
This is a smaller game, part of the expirimentality of it. 
1. Niniel--Ishmael, Vanilla, lynched D2
2. Ley--Alan Quartermain, Cop, killed N1
3. dice--Tom Sawyer, Back-up Cop, killed N1

4. WiFi--Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde, Doctor, random-lynched D1
5. Kat--Wilhimina Harker (Mina), Vig (odd nights), killed N2
6. Aj 
7. ZanderTiink
8. Hallia
9. Sooh
10. Pralaya--James Moriarty, Godfather, killed N1
 Back up:
1. WiFi
2. Ley
End of Day 1
End of Night 1
End of Day 2
End of Night 2
With 10 alive, it takes 5 to lynch

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Just FYI--looked at everything again and decided that it really makes more sense to only have 10 players with what I have... I think... 


Anyhow, Pralaya technically did sign up earlier and I missed him, so Tiink is getting put on the reserve list for now.


Sorry for the last minute complication!

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Finally got all those PMs out too *whew*


That set up was harder than usual :P need to stop changing my plans a million times

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It's been so long ago I played a mafia game I don't even know anymore who I joke voted, but I believe it was Maw or if he was absent Ithi, and neither is in this game...



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Well, yeah. No escaping that, lol


If sili was playing instead of mentoring, then it would have gotten out of control 

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Lol Sili does post a lot. I wish this game was really up and running now as I feel really motivated, but I guess with our American friends being at between midnight and 3am I can't really complain.

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Oki. Zander lurking can only be a sign that he has been drafted to minority town. He is probably not the GF, because then he would be posting up a storm.


Wifi has gotten an interesting role, and is currently studying it in the wiki. Could be town or scum.


Pral is obvtown. He's going to be the mayor this game. I can tell. If I am mafia he's going down N1. It's the safest bet.


Leyrann is a neutral. Survivor or SK.


Andrej is scummy as always. I think it's the avatar. Here he's clearly the GF and he won't go down easily. 


Ok, I can't remember the rest of the lineup.

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Just wanted to give you someone to joke vote <3


Tags look fine to me!


I figured.

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