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Up for a game ?


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So, here is the deal... I will post twelve swords (or sword like weapons).


And you, people of the band, will have to guess to whom they belong.



Are you ready for this challenge ?


No google fu allowed, but you can ask questions... I will try to answer to them lol :tongue:




Katiora --- 3

Mills --- 4

Nikon --- 3

Besie --- 1

Thane --- 1

Davrick --- 1



First item :



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Hmmmm well i don't remember this from WOT... So that would mean it has to be from his other books?? So is this Konan the Barbarian's Sword? 

AND YES !!!! We have a winner !!!! :biggrin:

It's Conan's :wink:


Well done Mills lol... just a little bit late :tongue:



Now let's try this one :



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