connection timeout preventing ebook store checkout

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trying to buy Brandon Sanderson's Bands of Mourning and Mistborn: Secret History with one or both in my cart, clicking Checkout spins for some time then displays a Cloudflare page reporting a 522 Error connection timed out.


happens in both chrome and firefox, Cloudflare is indicating your server (or whoever does the payment processing) is receiving the initial request, but not responding.


In addition, if I reload the ebook store my cart is empty (realized that I have several invoices now, but attempting to pay them also gets the cloudflare timeout page).


FInally, submitting a support request also leads to a timeout.


hope you can get things going again soon,



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Hello, delurking just to comment on a technical issue...

Possibly also stating the obvious, but hey, at least it bumps an important (to me) thread.


Like W0lfwood, I am stuck on an order (and have been for over 10 weeks).

Trying to pay puts me on the same Cloudflare Error 522 connection timeout.

Trying the exact same address with as HTTP instead of HTTPS brings me one step further to the "Confirm and Pay" page.

It is not possible to go any further, not that it would have been a good idea to actually use the payment form.


Furthermore, any HTTPS connection to Dragonmount fails.

It has become my quick and dirty way to check whether the bug still exists, but it may also be a clue for you to fix it.


Best regards and best of luck.

A once and hopefully future customer.

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