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Realistic Wheel Of Time Collages – A Picture Is Worth A Thousands Words.

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Awwww, big old smile over here :]


I really enjoy making them though it does take a while to finish each one.


Its fun hunting all over the internet to find the perfect pictures XB



I love hunting pics too *grins* ... Oh and making them on things like Doll Divine (still want to try my hand at actually making pics, like Jagen does).


And love the Perin one!

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New picture has been added to the quote section, little warning its kindof suggestive ^_~


Min Farshaw & Rand al’Thor - A Crown of Swords, chapter 19:


Seizing two handfuls of his hair, she pulled his mouth back down, and after a little while, he stopped fighting.

She was not certain whether her hands began tearing at the laces of his shirt first or his at hers,

but of one thing she was absolutely sure. If he even tried to stop now, she was going to fetch one of Riallin’s spears, all of them, and stab him.

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