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Realistic Wheel Of Time Collages – A Picture Is Worth A Thousands Words.

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Greetings & Welcome –


Here you will find a collection of collages I created, each one illustrates either a group and/or character from the Wheel of Time series.


I will continue to add and update more collages once they are finish, probably once a month if I had to venture a guess...


Please take note that all though I did edit and create each collage, the individual pictures I’ve chosen are random photographs found online.


Let me know if you have any questions and may the blessings of the light be upon you.

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.:Aes Sedai:.


In this section you will find all seven Ajah’s, including the Black.


Now all though some pictures were picked for their aesthetic, others were specifically chosen to represent different themes or values upheld by that singular group.


For example, each collage depicts a rose, now all though this is visually pretty it also symbolizes the channeler imagining herself as a rosebud slowly unfolding, helping calm said channeler and allowing her to more easily grasp saidar.


Can you unveil what the other picture might symbolize!?



.:Blue Ajah:.


.:Green Ajah:.


.:Yellow Ajah:.


.:Brown Ajah:.


.:Red Ajah:.


.:Gray Ajah:.


.:White Ajah:.


.:Black Ajah:.

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In this section you will find collages depicting different characters found within the Wheel of Time series.
Each picture was specifically chosen to represent a different theme embodying that specific character. 
Can you discover what each pictures might symbolize?
.:Perrin Aybara:.
.:Graendal :.


.:Elmindreda Farshaw:.




.:Nynaeve al'Meara:.


.:Thomdril Merrilin:.


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I would but the website said you could only post a max file of 500KB per post, each file/collage size was over 300KB. I could re size them but I wanted to display the large/higher quality images in the same location for easy access.


Unless there is no limit and I misunderstood?

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Can't wait.  I really love this thread.



Edited to say that the are gorgeous!!  


When I first found the others, I couldn't believe the talent and eye that you have.  I didn't know you then and now you are here!




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