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Holy Mother of Hell....


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Apparently, you got married... and I didn't. And I didn't handle the rejection of the proposal too well... I lost it for a little while (in an extremely depressed/manic way (yes, it is possible to be both depressed AND manic about it))... then I cut everything in my old life off - places, people... I moved to a new city (well, actually INTO the city), got a new job, new car, new therapist... going back to school... then I was shopping for new wall art for my place, saw Ta'Veren Tees, saw a link to an article on DM... eyed the login button in the corner, and thought 'why not'... Here I am.

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Yeah... I won't say I didn't have a moment of, well, fear, when I saw your marriage thread... But I am so damn happy for you!!


Hey, Nikon. Totally wasn't ignoring you :)... your brownies are lacking... substance. I shall remedy that.


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Well, things are stable. Which is a good thing, really. People underestimate, I think, how fragile our sense of self can be. I was always pretty arrogant/confident, had weathered many storms in my life pretty well, or so I had thought. But some things can break you like a diamond smashed by a hammer...

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Welcome back Tsuki!


I'm alive?!?! And my old login works almost a year later... craziness.

Dragonmount is like the home you leave, and come back to and get a funny feeling in your stomach when you look at it.


It is. It certainly is. I don't think I'm mentally able to leave this site forever except by everyone else dying. And even then...


Hm. I think I recognize most of you. So, how's the Tower been in my absence?








And has anyone seen Leyrann?


After not visiting for nearly a month, I chose today to make a visit again, lol.


Nice to see you again Maw. How's life?

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