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BlueCon 2016 Hunger Games - Game Over!!

Ithillian Turambar

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Hello and welcome to my BlueCon Hunger Games.


If you've never played a Hunger Games before its basically like everyone being a JOAT Survivor but with none of the drama and stress of Mafia.


Or maybe it's more like Chess


Or Total Wipe Out


But yeah honestly it's always been so much fun.


The theme will be The Battle of the Five Fandoms. They'll be honour and glory for the overall winner and everyone else will be dead.


The Rules.


1. Each live phase will only be 23 hours exactly ... although Day 1 might be a few hours longer. This will be a fast and furious game. Inactive people will probably end up dead fast. Live phases are for negotiating and building alliances / planning attacks.


In the Dark Hour, people will die. So ... 24 hours in total.


The game has never lasted longer than a week. That means game over by April 1st.


2. There will be No Alignments. This is a Last Man Standing Game


3. There will be No Special Roles. Everyone will have the same abilities as detailed below.


4. You may forge alliances if you wish, but there can only be one winner - so expect betrayal.


5. There will be no Lynches or live phase Actions. Dark Hour Actions will occur simultaneously.


6. You can edit all you like. This is NOT Mafia


7. If you want to send a PM to another player, or set up a QT to build alliances and plot then feel free - include me for the Lols maybe. You can contact who you like because at the end of Day it's not a Team game and only one person will win.


8. There will be no secrets in this game, both the Dead and those who killed them will be revealed, unless you use a secret kill and it is successful.


9. Everyone has the same Choice of Dark Hour Actions which MUST be submitted via your official Dark Hour Action PM:


A. Kill

B. Protect Self

C. Protect Another

D. 1 Shot Hard Kill

E. 1 Shot Hard Protect

F. 2 Shot Secret Kill


*Please be aware that multiple Kills on the same Player will be classed as a Hard Kill unless there is a Hard Protect in place or an equal amount of normal Protects are in place. Hard Protect stops everything - both Hard Kills and Multiple Kills.


10. There will be NO posting after death. Not even a Bah post. Dead is dead.


Your Dark Hour Action may be submitted and changed at any time until Dark Hour begins. Dark Hour will start at 10 PM GMT each time


There will be a task set each day. The winner of the task will receive a visible Sponsor Gift. The Runner Up will get a Secret Gift. That's just my way of limiting googlefu :) The Gifts will be either a Hard Kill, Hard Protect or Secret Kill. They will be chosen at random.

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Player list


1. Turin (Boba Fett) - Killed by an Anonymous Player - Phase 2

2. Tina (Graendal) - Killed by Nikon - Phase 3

3. Sooh (Galadriel) - Killed by Dice - Phase 5

4. Dice (Warpath) - WINNER!

5. Shad (Jar Jar Binks)- Killed by Nyn & an Anonymous Player - Phase 1

6. Besie (Birgitte) - Killed by Tina - Phase 1

7. Zander (Han Solo) - Killed by Hallia - Phase 2

8. Hallia (Egwene) - Killed by Nikon - Phase 4

9. John Snow (Tony Stark) - Killed by Eldrick - Phase 3

10. Eldrick (Aram Wheeler) - Killed by Tina - Phase 3

11. Nyn (Luna Lovegood) - Killed by an Anonymous Player - Phase 2

12. Nikon (Chewbacca) - Killed by Dice - Phase 4

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Mafia Player: I'm just gonna come right out, I have no idea what's going on or what this place is at all.


UniKithi: Hi! I am Blueness UniKithi and I welcome you all to BlueCon Hunger Games Land!


Mafia Player: So there's no meta or anything. How does anyone know what to do?


UnikIthi: Here in BlueCon Hunger Games Land, there is no meta: There's no re-reading, no communication bans, no vanillas, no frowny faces, no bushy mustaches, and no negativity of any kind.


Other mafia player: You just said the word "no" like a thousand times.


UniKithi: And there's also no consistency.


Batman: I hate this place.


UniKithi: Any idea is a good idea except the non-killing ones. Those we push down deep inside where you'll never, ever, ever, EVER find them!

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