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March's Regimental Competition - Food Jeopardy


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This month's Regimental Competition will be another exciting game of Food Jeopardy!



The Rules

  1. A sign-up thread will be started in each regiment's private board, a PM will be sent out to any participants once the game begins.
  2. The first person to respond correctly may select the next clue or allow someone else to pick it. ("I'll take Leftovers for 300, please!").
  3. Since we are on a forum, we have had to tweak the format from the original game show:
    1. Someone will select the clue.
      1. Anyone from your regiments PM thread will have 24 hours to submit a guess. (Only one guess at a time please!)
        1. If correct, the value of the clue is added to your score.
        2. If incorrect, the value of the clue is cut in half with the other half being subtracted from your score.
          1. Everyone has an additional 24 hours to submit a second guess, and if necessary, another 24 hours for a third guess.
            1. If no one gets it correct, or if no one guesses within 24 hours, your team may select another clue.
    2. One random clue will be a "Daily Double."
      1. When someone selects a clue that is the Daily Double, the Regiment has 24 hours to decide how much to wager. They can wager up to the amount of points they currently have, or 500 points, whichever is higher. This number must be selected by the Captain General or Lieutenant General within 24 hours. (If no wager is given, it will automatically be 500.)
    3. At the end of the month, everyone will enter Final Jeopardy.
      1. The category will be revealed publicly.
      2. Each Regiment (via their Captain General or Lieutenant General) will submit their wager in their PM thread. If no wager is given within 24 hours, it will be zero. Otherwise, the same rules apply as Double Jeopardy, when figuring how much can be wagered.
      3. The clue will be given publicly, and each Regiment will provide an answer in their private "Answers" thread.
      4. After all Regiments have supplied their answers to the clue (or after 24 hours), the final score will be revealed!




A Few Notes:

  • Just like in the show, some clues may be left unread. Wrong answers, or taking the full 24 hours will play a role in whether you can get to them all or not.
  • While the prize solely consists of points towards the Best Regiment Matrim, many staff members have a handful points to pass out each month.
  • You might have noticed a lot of "24 hours" up above. This is so that different time zones have as little impact as possible and so one member's LoLA does not effect the whole Regiment.
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