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Winter Shadow Event - Tainted News!

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I am late, but here it is!


This is for all those weird news you read every day when you scratch your head or shake your head and think to yourself "What is wrong with the world?". The Tainted News, of a world more mad than you can comprehend, belong here in this thread.


(This is the part where an example of a story would be good, but I haven't had the time to find any yet, so I'll follow up on that later)


Post away! Let's shake our heads together!



Maybe there will even be a facepalm or two!

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Our local newspaper always have some kind of fake news on April 1. They are sometimes easy to find, sometimes a bit harder. 1996 they invited people to our castle where they would be able to taste the new harepig meat. I don´t think anyone actually showed up. lol


When my parents were younger there were often pranks on the news on April 1. One year they showed how the old ladies in Northern Italy harvested pasta that hung on the trees. Pasta was pretty new here and some actually thought it was true. lol

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About the biggest taint on the US news right now... Trump leading in many of the polls!

Sorry if anyone here actually likes him but I can't see how anyone is actually voting for him.


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This is probably the greatest newspaper thing I ever saw:





A few other funnies I found on my quest:



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