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It was short and still abridged, not really explaining much of Sharan society and only gave a passing mention about Demi's time there.  You can see things in the last book during the battle that were presented as significant like the "old man's flute stick" and other items, or things about the people that seem like it was just a mention and casual reminder of something earlier in the book edited out.  What made it into Unfettered was about half likely what was removed from the main book from how it felt to me, but it was worth a read.  The whole Sa'angreal parts search was glossed over.  The history of the Sa'angreal Demi searches for isn't really mentioned, nor how he knows about it or how he knows where the pieces are.  I don't want to give away too much, but there could easily have been double the material, but given that it was part of a collection, I am sure that the focus on what it reveals was the most important part, the rest cut for size restriction.

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