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Alone in Chat *cries*


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Do any of you remember when we could enter Chat at most times and find someone there?  Well, I do and it was a lot of fun.  I was able to meet people from all over DM, not necessarily those just in the White Tower and Warders (where I spend most of my time.)


I'm really missing that.  I've checked in and out several times today and the previous week and I've found myself abandoned and companionless.  I don't enjoy talking to myself but will do so when I'm desperate.  


Please join me.  I want to talk  to other people this time.


dreamstime_7572512.jpg                                    tweet_chat.png

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This site's official chatroom is bizzarely antiquated. I haven't seen anything like it since like, Geocities pages in the 90s. It doesn't really allow for easy 24/7 idling like IRC or Skype, so I think it was sort of destined to die young. A lot of old forums I used to frequent that haven't even existed in a decade still have 4 or 5 people hanging out in chat.


DM has some pretty active Skype channels and we play games using voice chat pretty often. You should try there!

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