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Question for the Dark Side (Dark Friends Needed)


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Hello everyone, this is my first time ever visiting Shayol Ghul…


(Tries to hide his shaking hands by stuffing them into his pockets)


…and ummm… while its very dark and scary here, I have recently found myself wondering about your rules and perhaps having some Dark Friends in an RP I‘m planing.


So, this RP is going to be for my Band character, Bruce Shepherd (a.k.a. Ram). I want him to be accused of murder (framed) and have a kind of ‘fugitive’ story going on. Before I finish the RP plan and submit it to be approved I needed to find someone to play the real murderer.


I originaly thought of just writing a TPC character to do the job, but then thought it would be fun to involve another Division.


My questions are, is there any one with a Dark Friend character (or group of characters) that might bring a good back story history to an RP like the one I’m planing? And, is this something you guys and gals at Shayol Ghul do, or am I barking up the wrong tree?


I’m just looking for some feedback and good ideas. I’d like to make this a real fun RP for everyone involved.


Anyway, any thoughts or coments would be greatly apreseated.


Later all…



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lol there are sever assassins here in the division, depending on your time frame on when you want to do this I'd gladly help out with mine, provided my character never gets caught as the "killer" as I'm not prepared to have to kill her off or put her in jail lol.


But if there are others wanting to help ya out I'd let them do so as I only have till the end of March... if the baby holds out that long that is.



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