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So, How old are you?

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I started about 13, on reread 2 and am now 15.


other favorite authors are David Eddings, Terry Goodkind, David Drake, Tolkein, and Robert Asprin.

Eddings got me started on fantasy, Asprin was second, then i read the Hobbit and cried at the end. Readin fantasy ever since

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If you liked the Belgariad try the Elenium.   *snicker*  You'll have a striking sense of deja vu ;)


You noticed that too huh? Just take the characters and put different names on them and you have the same series of books!


Which is a shame cause I really liked David Eddings Belgariad series!

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If you liked the Belgariad try the Elenium.   *snicker*  You'll have a striking sense of deja vu


In Eddings's defense, he publicly admitted (by which I mean deliberately published) that "Genre fiction is writing that's done for money.  Great art doesn't do all that well in a commercial society."


Check out his prologue to an obscure compilation of his notes/trivia called The Rivan Codex.  We got exactly what he was planning to give us ... and he sold the same story over and over.  So, he can nod at our criticism all the way to the bank ...


Anywho ...


I'm 34, been reading in Randland since '93.  Which is much higher quality stuff.


And I'm glad to see some plugs for R.L. Aspirin!  He's one of my favorites.


Many writers whose work I enjoy have been mentioned, among them Roger Zelazny, George R R Martin, Katherine Kurtz, Ursula K LeGuin, Raymond Feist, Robin Hobb, Terry Brooks, R A Salvatore, Fred Saberhagen, and of course, father Tolkein.


Others worth mentioning:


In the really-good-but-pretty-rough category - Steven Erikson and Ian Esselmont, and R. Scott Bakker


In the really-good-and-more-mainstream category - Tad Williams, Guy Gavriel Kay, Kate Elliot


In the comfortably-entertaining category - Anne McCaffrey, Joel Rosenberg


And finally, in the if-you're-really-bored-these-won't-necessarily-make-you-dumber category - L E Modesitt


But really guys, just say no to Goodkind.  The best thing to come out of that series is Bridget Regan in a white dress.

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I am 26 and started reading when ACoS was the newest book. I must have been about 13-14. My dad borrowed the first 7 books from someone he knew at work and I had finished them by the time he was on TGH.



Other authors I enjoy are


Eddings, because I like the humor, but don't enjoy humor based books.


James Rollins, he writes stories styled similarly to Dan Brown, but uses science as his backdrop instead of art.


and pretty much anything else in print. I am one of those people the reads the back of the shampoo bottle while sitting on the toilet.

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I got EoTW in a box of books my aunt gave me when I was 14. I'll be 32 in about a month and a half. I don't have a clue on the number of rereads lol. The good thing about reading a series for this long is that you really get attatched to the characters. I think these last 2 books are really gonna be emotional... Probably moreso than Nynaeve's scene in KoD.

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I started reading WoT when i was 14 or 15, so around 17 or 18 years ago now. I am 32.


Other fantasy authors i enjoy:

Raymond E. Fiest

Sara Douglass

Katherine Kerr

Terry Brooks

David Eddings

Robin Hobb

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I'm 39. Don't remember exactly when I started reading WOT, but somewhere around 1995 probably. The last book I managed to get in paperback is LoC, so I assume I had to wait for CoS... That should give whan I started reading, but I'm too lazy to look it up right now...

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I'm seriously tempted to say that I'm 39+3..


(that one's a bit subtle)


Oh, and I started reading WoT aboout a year ago, having been raised on the likes of Clarke and Asimov. And Tolkien. And Adams. And Pratchett..


{edit} oh for Light's sake, I seem to have lost the ability to do seemples arithmetic..


PS. And Jasper fforde..



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Im suprised how many people who, like me, started reading the books when they were 10-14, remember all that hype about Harry Potter creating a generation of kids who read books? Its funny but ive just realised that i started reading WoT because i was looking for another big book after reading Harry Potter book 4, and i kney there would be a big wait for the next book. I chose EoTW randomly because it was thick and i liked the cover. I never returned to Harry Potter books even though i LOVED them before WoT, i find them really basic and childish, and i dont know how adults read them, i still like the movies though. Anyway i thought id share that as i literally just remembered as i was thinking how old i was and how i got into WoT. Its funny that a book i randomely had my Grandpa buy me in a bookshop because i liked the cover has turned into an 8 year interest(though i only got back into it a 2 years ago). No Harry Potter hate mail please.

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I started them when I was 16, during a Spring Break. Finished them in about a week. Brilliant series, I loved it, so I re-read it about three months later. I'm 21 now, 22 in November.


I like:


Stephen King

JK Rowling

George RR Martin (only series I'd say might be better than tWoT)

...lots and lots of manga

Brandon Sanderson.

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