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White Ajah Medieval Menagerie Ball

Mashiara Sedai

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Oh my gosh!!! I look so pretty! 


*not modest at all*


That's cos you ARE pretty! (Totally not stalking people on FB.)



I think somebody needs to dress me up next :wink:


*Will stalk on FB later*


*I mean NOT.*






I knew you were stalking me!

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Shad didn't know what woke him.  A noise perhaps.  He peeled his face off of the table where it had been resting and took in the sight of a majestic ball.  How did he get here?  Glancing down at his own garb, a sensation came over him.  Was that... embarrassment?  Or did he just have to pee?  Slipping into a storage room, he found some spare clothing resting on a crate, and he quickly alleviated both concerns.  A charming, dashing gentleman now, he emerged and approached a group of Aes Sedai with swagger and confidence.


"Shoooooooooo I hear you ladies can channel. *hic*  Thashhh cool."



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