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    • Here, later masterpieces, well piano trios are masterpieces (must end here with a masterpiece):  
    • As for the symphonie 37, I don't know the evolvment, but Köchel much have thought it Mozart's, later research found it Michael Haydn's, with just a short introduction by Mozart. Again, good the more compositions by Michael Haydn survive. Either a dual help a fellow composer meet a deadline, or just to study his work and write it down. Köochel must have assumed it Mozart cause he recognised the hand.
    • Mozarts sympfonies 2 and 3 three were not by him, thus they are considered spurious. These works by were found in his hand, but he had only copied them for study. There is never ever any his claiming another's work for his. Köchel did his catalogue 1860 something.   It is good if J.C.Bach's or Abel's symphonies have survived even in the guise of being Mozart's. One understands that Symphonie evolved in the sixties, seventeensixteens, from the Italian Overture for opera. Overtura became stand-alone concert pieces. Concerto is different, though I don't know if the Italian opera overture could not have developed from or with aid of the Concerto, an earlier form. Anyway, I don't know what, but 2 and 3 symphonies are by J.C.Bach and Abel, 1 and 4 are by Mozart, and this sort of 4a is also by Mozart though preceding the 4. It is not known whether 4 was composed in London or when the Mozart family had travelled to the Hague. 19a in London.  
    • Mozarts sympfonies 2 and 3 three were not by him, they were copied by him the scripts of symphonies by J.C.Back and Abel resp, but his fourth was his K. 19. Wait on it I'm building to a joke. Perhaps I should put the fourth symphony immediately here: Of this his father Leopold Mozart proudly corresponded (per Mozart in London) of Mozart at this: "What he knew when he left Salzburg is a mere shadow compared with what he knows now. It exceeds all that one can imagine.... In a word, my boy knows in this eight year what one would expect only from am man of forty." This is K.19 There is K.19a. It had been known about. but as it happened an old fish wrapping was found in 1981 that corresponded to a fragment of Mozart's introduction to a lost symphony. It played out like this: Ah, This is a Mozart Symphony, and it was not a fish wrapping, it was something Leopold Mozart had copied, now known as K19a, but could take the place of one of the 2 or 3 symphonies as it was apparently composed before Symphony number 4. This wasn't known though when Köchel did his catalogue of Mozart compositions. One doesn't want to change the numbering of the later Mozart symphonies since people are accustomed, to them, Johan Crhistian or Abel, or indeed Michael Haydn.
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