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World's End Mafia - town wins comprehensively


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Ever have one of those nights that starts out like any other but ends up being the best night of your life? It was June the 22nd, 1990. Our final day of school. There was Oliver Chamberlin, Peter Page, Steven Prince, Andy Knightley, and me. They called me "The King". Because that's my name - Gary King.


Newton Haven was our home town, our playground. Our universe. And that night was the site of a heroic quest. Our aim? To conquer the Golden Mile - 12 pubs along the legendary path of alcoholic indulgence. There was the First Post, the Old Familiar, the Famous Cock, the Cross Hands, the Good Companions, the Trusty Servant, the Two Headed Dog, the Mermaid, the Beehive, the King's Head, the Hole In The Wall, all before reaching our destiny - The World's End. 


Needless to say, we didn't make it. We blew off the last three pubs and headed for the hills. As I sat up there, blood on my knuckles, beer down my shirt, sick on my shoes, knowing in my heart life would never feel this good again.


And you know what? It never did.



Today, I have somehow convinced my friends Steve, Andy, Oliver and Pete to recreate the legendary pub crawl and I aim to complete it this time. T


The first stop - The First Post. 


2) Game consists of 48 hour days and 24 hour nights. Day Phase is a regular hybrid lynch - the player with the maximum votes dies (gets converted to an android). Tie will be randomised
3) During the Night Phase, the androids can post, discuss and get to vote on who dies that night. The player with the maximum vote dies (gets converted to an android). Tie will be randomised
4) Character reveal is not allowed. Role reveals are NOT allowed
5) If I feel something is outside the spirit of the game, it will result in restrictions or modkilling.
6) Do not edit your posts
7) Votes must be bold and red. No need to unvote


1. Dice
2. Zander - Adrian keene - vanilla town
3. BLomBessie - mafia goon
4 Cory - vanilla town
5 Tina - mafia goon
6 Sooh
7 Nikon
8 Lenlo
9 Nolder
10 BFG
11 AskThePizzaGuy - vanilla town
12. Shad_ - mafia goon

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Here! Haven´t played for months so I feel a bit rusty. 


That doesn´t stop me from voting Dice though. :D


[v] Dice [/v]



Hi Besie! I don´t think I have played with you before. 



Dropping the first vote eh.......lolololololol


Hello Tina!!!!  Merry Christmas!!!

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Pizza I am curious as to how exactly we will dance around eachother like snakes this game.


Will you annoy me to death?

Will I annoy you to death?

Will we unite under the same banner? Are we pitted for a calamitous final showdown that will end only one of us standing?

Regardless of what happens I am excited for it.

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Zander if you are a villager this is the game where we can finally show the world the combined might of the USA and Canada



Then we will because I swear I my love of Being Town, Eating Bacon, Drinking Beer and loving you I AM TOWN BROTHER!!!!!







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