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Santa's Gifts [Game] Anyone can join in at any time!

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RTE tried to stop them, he really did but they forced their way to Shadow quarters. Silently he thanked the person who installed the maze there, at least there will be no wandering about without some... incidents.


Five steps in, it was seen that a paper was attached to the wall.


"Maybe a Shadowie kidnapped Santa," Leyrann thought out loud.


"Shadowies like gifts too," Pralaya replied. This was followed by some nods.


"Are we going to read what the note says?" Nikon asked.



Tina cleared her throat...


"Why is Tina getting to read again?" Wilddog asked.


"Because I have a loud and clear voice," Tina answered and started to read.


"Close to your destination you are getting,

More clues I am forgetting.

Through clues you had to sift,

Now, remember to bring me some gifts."



Would you


BRING GIFTS (if yes, post pictures of possible gifts)





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Hmm, they woke me up way too early so... Sure, I've got a gift for them. A wrapped box of Baelfire!



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Nope, not giving Shadowies gifts. They'd just use them for all the wrong things anyways. If a man doesn't have a sword, he can't kill others with it either. (I actually wanted to say "gun" at first, but then I remembered how sensitive that is in the USA...)

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The collection of gifts could make anyone wish that they had been nice. It was better that some refrained from giving gifts or the condition could get worse.


"Where are we supposed to go from here?" Leyrann asked.


Tina turned over the card and said, "It says 'P.S. Find me in the hollow tree.' "


"What? No weird clue or anything? Should we go to that location? Where is the hollow tree, anyway?" asked RTE.


"Its in the forest," Nikon replied.


Everyone set off for the Hollow Tree. The trollocs in the Shadow quarters felt a bit disappointed that they didn't get to eat anyone... anyone important.


In the Hollow Tree, a figure could be seen.



(Note, that is the person who kidnapped Santa. You can nominate anyone to be that person. Preferably, that person should be a BTer because it is set in BT. The person with most votes is the culprit.





This is nearing the end. I wanted to finish it on Christmas, so this may or may not be the last choice of the game.

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It was RTE in the Hollow Tree!


"How did he even get there in there before us?"


"I think I am seeing two RTEs!"


Someone poked the two RTEs and it turned out one of them was a illusion.


"I wanted the gifts," RTE started to explained. "And a chance to make this Christmas memorable."


"Are we getting the gifts now?" Tina asked.


"Sure," RTE replied and showed everyone the place where gifts and Santa were hidden.




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