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Star Wars Week: Favorites Discussion


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Hmmmmm.... Trying to pick a favorite villain now.....I don't know about any of them.......... Palpatine was certainly capable but I didn't loathe him in the right way to be able to call him my favorite villain.... *ponders a ponder*

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Favorite lines . . .


"You know, sometimes I amaze even myself."


"That doesn't sound so hard . . . "  



"You scruffy nerfherder!"


"Who you calling scruffy?"



Obviously, most of my favorite dialogue was between Han and Leia! LOL!

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More favorites:


"What a wonderful smell you've discovered, Princess."


Favorite bad guy?  Well, the one I hated the most was Palpatine (the snake; actually, I shouldn't call him that. It insults snakes).


Yoda was another favorite. I loved his interaction with Luke when Luke first landed on Dagobah, before Luke realized that Yoda was the Jedi Master he was looking for.  :happy:

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