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Star Wars Week: Alter Ego Facebook

Aiel Heart

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I recently stumbled upon a quiz sort of thing on SnackVox which generates a Star Wars-ified Facebook page for you. I do think that, unfortunately, do have to have a Facebook to be able to use it (someone who doesn't have on try and let us know?)


Anyway, in order to share the profile here, you can right click on the picture and click "copy image address"--don't just copy and paste what is in your url bar because that will just take the person to the quiz and not to your result. 



My first one was so perfect that I just have to share (a lot of you already know my first name anyway so oh wells :P ) (and this one is a screenshot not a copy+paste which is why it is smaller)


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i dont even know what mean girls is. but sounds like i have cool weapon and lmao, jedi knight who apparentlly likes making sure other peoplle smell like sh-- and i wouldn't object to an open relationship with qui gonn jinn

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Okay, Kaylee stole Mace Windu from me but Elgee has the Jedi Master I want!  LOL!




What's Your Star Wars Facebook Profile?

Meet your Star Wars alter ego: Tina Moonglider

Status: Alive and well, but currently giving Yoda the cold shoulder due to an argument about politics. 
May the Force be with you.

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