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Union for Reform Judaism Adopts Transgender Rights Policy

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The largest Jewish group in North America adopted a broad transgender rights policy on Thursday, not only stating its own commitment to equality, but also urging synagogues and other Jewish groups to be advocates for transgender rights and to take steps like training their staffs on accommodating transgender people.


“We have a longstanding commitment to bringing in people who have heretofore been on the margins of society,” said Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism. “For us, this is not just political correctness, but opening possibilities theologically.”


The new stance was not particularly controversial within a group with a long history of recognizing the rights of gay and transgender people; it approved the resolution on a voice vote, without opposition, at its biennial conference this week in Orlando, Fla.




Reform Jews: Transgender People Are Welcome Here


The group’s organizing body has passed wide-ranging recommendations covering everything from bathroom signs to nametag pronouns.


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You don't have to ask me twice. :)


One of the most difficult things for me is the religious ostracism that transfolk suffer. That ostracism extends to family as well. I haven't had to say it but I think my parents know what sort of mayhem their congregation will rain down upon them if their pastor ever finds out about me. I dread the day their community of believers sets their sights on my family and I'm thankful mom stopped inviting me to church picnics. The fallout would be devastating


I have been studying at the feet of Reform Judaism for a few many years and the difference is incredible. The tradition as I have encountered it is life-affirming and I wasn't prepared for that. I haven't heard a life-affirming prayer in years and suddenly, here's this amazing religious community that has come forward and said "Welcome, beloved."


To say I was humbled would be a falsehood. I was wounded with joy.

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i think thats good of them - trans people seem to face a lot of discrimination in a lot of places even groups that are otherwise accepting of everyone else and its hard for me to imagine why. i may not agree with their decision but it doesnt offend me, why should it, and if it gives them peace where society couldnt besides costing me nothing, i have no problem with calling them by whatever name or pronoun they want and i have even less problem with them using whatever public restroom they want. think the idea of gender-divided toilets is dumb to begin with. 

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