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Egwene dream about the TOWERS

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We are all think that the Dream is about the Forsaken, right? So I red that a lot of people think that the tower, that is higher than the others is Ishamael/Moridin . But we all know that the Dreams are about what may happen not about what happened... What if the higher tower is Mesaana? She is closer to destruction after Shadar Logoth , but if she succeed in the White Tower she will be higher than the others...Its just regular "what if"...It will be interesting to hear what you think.


PS : I'm sorry for my English.

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It seems to me that the fallen towers represent Forsaken that died; and that the return of fallen towers represent resurrection.

Encyclopaedia's summary of the chapter supports this interpretation.  http://encyclopaedia-wot.org/books/tom/ch3.html


edit::I seem to recall other Dreams that had parts of the past in them.

-hawk+falcon dreams

-Old Tongue dream

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