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New ooc structure and new leader of the CoL


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Hey :)

I am really happy about taking up the CoL, since I've always thought them cool from the books.

I know we can probably count our members with one hand *g*...but if you could all please post here your character's name, link to bio and his/ her rank, that would be lovely.


As to what i'm currently doing. Well, i'm creating a new raising system from scratch. The ranks will remain as they are, fear not. I've only changed the way you progress through them. Anything you feel you could contribue would be fabulous. I'd use any help you can offer :)


When i'm done writing up all the requirements i'll post them here for your review. Any comments or remarks I will of course take into consideration. So, in the end we'll be able to submit something approvable to the incarns.


As for the number of members we have...leave that to me. I promise you'll have plenty of RP play mates in no time :D


I think I know most of you. But for the ones who don't know me, I'm Nynaeve. IRL my name is Nurit. I'm 21 year old and i'm a sort of an oldbie here in DM.


If you've got any questions or concerns, please post here, PM me or contact me through one of my messangers:


MSN messanger - Nynaeve_n10@hotmail.com (also my email)

ICQ - 91431585


Thanks for listening and well...lets party *wink*




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*checks in late*


Hey Nyn, good to see we have a division leader again, and congrats. I'm Guelamin, a lieutenant in the Hand, or was; I'm sort of dead here right now.


Maybe I'll manage to get back here, maybe not, but in any case, hey. Good to see everybody.

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