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Yellow Joss Whedon Event: Discussion!


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He did Serenity too which was kinda a flop movie but has become a bit of a cult hit movie. kinda like Rocky Horror.


I am VERY aware of Buffy and Angel    tho i wasnt that keen on angel.  I have heard of firefly but havent seen it



and of Course i am HUGELY aware of the Avengers movies




What I like about Whedon is the way he builds Teams   buffy and avengers are great examples of this

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Hello! I'm so glad to have you here. :) Tea or coffee for anyone?


I'm actually not super incredibly familiar with Joss Whedon either, but my husband has been working very hard to remedy that. I already loved all things Marvel, so I guess it's more of a new appreciation. :) Did you know he has been an actor, writer, director, and even composer (Much Ado About Nothing)?


Which of his movies or shows are your favorites? Mine would be the Avengers, Serenity, and Dr. Horrible. :) Although... *re-checks IMDb page* He wrote Toy Story??

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