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Well Hello There

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Welcome back ! I don't think we met before but if you are bonded to Tal, you must be a great guy ! lol

 Well I hope that proves to be true.  XD  She is a pretty great lady-person, so maybe some of it rubbed off.  :)



Well, I've been here since 11/11.  I'm doing well and really enjoy DM.  


I see you are bonded to a Red.   :biggrin:

Bonded to a red indeed.  >:D 


Hello! :happy:

Hello!  :D


Welcome back!

Thanks!  :)


I remember you.  WB.

And another thanks! 


PS:  I usually don't speak in multi-quotes but I didn't want to leave anybody out.  :) 


Glad to see DM is still kicking!

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Elgee!  Yay!  I was hoping to see you pop in this thread.  :) 


I have been doing well!  Life has been good.  How about you? 


And yeah, I know I have been quite absent.  :$  But I figure now is as good a time as any to pop back in and stir up some trouble.  >:D

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