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October 2015 Roll Call

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    • Alphabetical order, dear.  😉  (Although proselytizers aren't welcome at my house either.)     Uppity neighbors.
    • This is a world of magic, and Rand is not dealing with a normal mental illness but one caused by magical corruption. In fact, we see what must be a magical protection for him later when Nynaeve looks at the way the taint has settled on his mind.
    • The comics were actually being done by Chuck Dixon. He did New Spring and The Eye Of The World. I do not know if he is doing the rest of them. I heard he was, but I have not heard much since Dynamite failed. I own Volume One of The Eye Of The World and I really enjoy it. But that is me.   But your attempt looks really interesting!! I hope you do it. By the way, if you get to A Memory of Light, the fight between Rand and the Dark One, I hope it is Final Crisis unleashed. That book is awesome!!
    • No women were involved in making the seals. The discs were entirely LTT.
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