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[Event Review] St. Ives Medieval Faire in New South Wales, Australia - September 20, 2015


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A Thane shield if ever I saw one  P9180041_zps6rugstqj.jpg



So, a few comments on this one:


The edge looks like it's covered with real leather. What they originally used, however, was rawhide. That's basically raw, untreated leather. You can soak that for a day or two, line the edge with it. When it dries, it shrinks and provides stability for the shield (which, in the era, would have been made by using several boards, not one big piece) and limited protection for the edges. Not so sharp weapons would have difficulties cutting the edges.


As for the writing: This would be the shield of a Viking-warrior, converted to christianity. The letters and inscriptions would be personal flavor and looks in my opinion, seeing a translation wouldn't make sense. Plus; it's not the runes which, in theory, would have been used by this warrior.  

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