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How Long Was Time Skewed by Rand?

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So just how long has this been happening? Did some searches on the interwebs about the topic, not much of a bit.


1. aMoL it is made blatantly apparent that time is skewed around Rand.

2. ToM it is hinted at, he gives Egwene a month, but states he has very little time and we are given not much description of that "one month" from his perspective.

3. CoT/KoD it could already be happening, he is stationary for what seems like a very long time, but that is just brushed off as his recovering from the Cleansing.


Anywho, it is just something that nags at me every so often. Any thoughts?

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Not sure it's around Rand, but the closer to the bore the more time was skewed.  At least I don't remember anything in the series  where time  around Rand was any different.

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rand's presence affected many things but it did not distort time,the time anomalies around

thakan'dar valley and within the pit of doom were caused by the dark one's  influence,rand

had nothing to do with it,the rest of your post is about bad planning ,bad editing and tangled

timelines,towers of midnight emphasize these problems perfectly.

let's track rand's movements during the allotted month:

1.day 1-conversation with almen bunt-white tower meeting-return to the stone of tear.


2.day unknown(a day later?a few days later?)rand returned from somewhere and had a long

conversation with nynaeve.


3.day unknown(a week later?less?more?)bandar eban,rand an min spent a full day there.


4.day 29 or 30 rand destroyed a shadow spawn army at maradon and returned to the stone.


5.day 30 or 31 meeting with the borderland rulers and arrival at the field of merrilor(rand also 

had a very busy night,went to sleep and met lanfear,woke up and met perrin,met and had sex

with aviendha,went to sleep again and met moridin).


6.one month later,the field of merrilor meeting.


during the allotted month,the camera zoomed on rand only 6 times,but there is nothing distorted

about his timeline,the problem lies with perrin,tam and others timelines of course,they create 

confusion,i.e. towers of midnight chapter 30,perrin sees rand on top of dragonmount,why this

chapter is even there?2 chapters  later,rand is at maradon with his army, that's 28-29 days ahead

of perrin,i can write more examples,tower of midnight is full of them.

as i already mentioned,it has nothing to do with time anomalies and everything to do with bad planning

and bad editing.

Edited by jack of shadows

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from what I skimmed, Cyndane tells Perrin that time is different around Shayol Ghul than elsewhere.  do not remember exact comment or the chapter.

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