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    • Yes, I am. Still have a cough though.   I can’t wait to have grandkids!
    • I don't know about videos, but there are at least 3 separate CD recordings of Mozart's final symphonies by Harnoncourt.  The earliest cycle was with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam.  It was recorded back in the '80s and is quite different from his later recordings, especially the tempo if #40.  The second set was with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and was recorded between 1992-1997.  The final set was the one in the second video. (2014 with the Vienna Concentus Musicus, not too long before his death.) That CD set is only 39-41 though.
    • I agree with you Lady. I never had grandparents, so I wouldn't know from the kid's pov, but he really enjoys coming in my room and visiting with me. I only spoil him a little bit because I'm also kind of a parent to him as well.    Ryrin, are you feeling better?  I sure hope so. 
    • It’s me Kaylee, the guy that thinks moderation is nothing less than surrendering your soul. 
    • Rammstein was there by the way since it's the next thing from the pile. Friday listened the first cd from this concert, second cd the next opportune time. This will bump up both Rammstein and Germany in the list by some 7000 seconds, but how much, we'll find out at the next update which has other new things too (I foresee Pink Floyd, Gypsy Kings, Sting and Hurt and the Merciless at least; Prince, Cher, Belle and Sebastian--- the next one's print is so written that I'd have to take it out to see what it is--- Roger Whittaker's collection, I remembered rather than taking it out; also collection by Kaija Koo, and something by Kandia Kouyate).
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