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Acronym Game

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Actuallya, if I have counted correctly, I don´t think it would change anything if they voted. So I´m wrapping this up. 


1. Riddlers Over Yonder Be Liars - TMD

2. Rhuidean Offers Youth Blade, Legends - Talmanes

3. Roguish Old-Tounged Youth Bets Life - Nikon


Points for round 4


TMD: 7

Talmanes: 8

Nikon: 9



That means:


Panchi: 6

Ley: 26

Talmanes: 42

TMD: 29

Sooh: 6

Nikon: 34



When I translate them into BT points it is:


Talmanes: 30

Nikon: 25

TMD: 20

Ley: 15

Sooh: 10

Panchi: 10



Congrats Talmanes! Thank you all for playing. I´m really impressed with all of you.


Let me know what you think about it. You can play this game in many different ways. 

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