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Caesar's Steakhouse - Calgary, AB, Canada

Ahmyra al'Ruley

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This is a very Roman style restaurant located in the heart of Calgary. We had reservations again and although it wasn't really necessary, it was nice because they tucked us back in a corner and we could relax a little. Once again, a fairly classy restaurant with crap-tastic parking which they remedy with a valet service after 5pm.


This place was pretty neat with decor alone. There were pillars everywhere and part of the kitchen was visible in the main eating area so you could watch the guy cook your steak. It was very much fashioned after old Roman/Greek architecture.


Our waiter was AMAZING and was the spitting image of Robin Williams.


You don't want for food at this place. All of the meals come with cheese toast and garlic toast, salad and onion soup as a starter, this is non-negotiable unless you have allergies. You get a choice of 4 different types of steak and 2 different sizes per steak. You also get a stuffed potato with your steak. You can opt for fries, plain baked, or something else that I can't remember.


The steak was amazing, as it should have been. The fries were average. Something I would expect from a Smitty's or Boston Pizza.


Yes, they give you a crap load of food but for the price you pay, I was under-enthused and will probably not go back simply because I am a cheap arse.


Website - http://www.caesarssteakhouse.com/

Address - two in Calgary, we went to 512 4th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 0J6 

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