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Villa Firenze - Calgary, AB, Canada

Ahmyra al'Ruley

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This is a little Italian restaurant in Calgary. It is located on a one way street and could be mistaken for a little house. It is not very big but it is authentic Italian. All of the pasta is hand made in restaurant, 90% of the rest of the food is hand made in the restaurant. Wines are imported straight from Italy. It was amazing!


The service was top notch. We had made reservations and I am super glad that we did or we would not have gotten a table. The place was packed!! There was one waitress attending to the majority of the restaurant and two waiters attending to the massive birthday party that was booked. She did an amazing job keeping up to the 20 tables that she had.


The food was out of this world. I could live on pasta, it is a large portion of my diet. Nothing compares to what I ate at this restaurant and it has spoiled me on pasta from this point forward... and the prices were great. Actually, a good deal lower than I anticipated for the class and quality of this place. 


Long story short, if you are ever in Calgary try to make a reservation at this place.

You will not regret it. Just make sure that you drive a little car or walk, parking is horrible.


Website - http://www.villafirenze.ca/

Address - 601 1st Ave NE Calgary AB T2E 0B6


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There is a place in Buffalo, New York called Mulberry Italian Ristorante that is just calling your name then Myhra. lol This place's pasta dishes are pretty damn good. The main drawing point though on top of the already existing amazing atmosphere is there meatballs. Which are the size of a grapefruit. Yes. Massive sized, deliciously cooked meat balls. There is not a time I've heard of the place not being packed to the rafters. Service is attentive without being solicitous. Like your taste for pasta being ruined by the place so is mine for meat balls from here. lol I love the tiny and intimate places like this. 

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