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September 2015 Roll Call

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  1. Aiel Heart
  2. Cairos
  3. dicetosser1
  4. disafear
  5. Gudrean
  6. Ithillian
  7. Kaylee
  8. Leyrann
  9. Mashiara Sedai
  10. Mirdraal
  11. Nikon
  12. Panchi
  13. Pralaya
  14. ReleaseTheEvil
  15. Shadar Alantin
  16. Songstress
  17. Sooh
  18. Talmanes
  19. TheMasterDude
  20. ThorkinBarrimore
  21. Tiinker
  22. TinaHel
  23. Turin Turambar
  24. Verbal32
  25. wheeloftime13
  26. WolfBrotherKronos
  27. Zhon

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    • " Know your facebook acount? I can download and copy anything on your account. I can steal your photo pretty easily. Viewing a cloud, and viewing the pictures requires the ability to download (copy). Viewing any photo on your computer downloads a copy of said photo. That's just how computers & the internet work.  If you view the cloud no differently that photo hosting sites like photobucket, there is no way to offer read only access without the ability to copy/download a file, while still letting people view the contents with implied consent to view, but not distribute."   Which is why I argue that you do not have any privacy rights to things posted in your facebook account etc.     "All I'm getting at is that laws need to get updated, and people need to get educated on what their rights & responsibilities are."   I would say that the real issue is that people should acknowledge that posting material to sites that others can view is counter to their privacy interests and concerns. If you shout shout out in what you presume to be an empty lot secrets and someone overhears you have lost your right to keep the information you shouted out private. It's not a good argument for you to assert that you wrongly believed that the lot was empty of people. Same is true for the cloud and internet in general.  That you wish that they were private does not in anyway effect the fact that they are not.  
    • Cost for one. Also it would destroy the very cncept that 90% of the Democratic candidates have any realistic chance. The media makes money covering the primary as a horse race, to suggest that almost theneitrie field is filled with nags would be counterproductive.    
    • Nope if you change Guns for abortion, the Conserv atives want to ban all Guns and the Liberals want to make all firearms including nuclear weapons legal for individuals t0 use.
    • Very good point. I can only say it is possible, not likely, that a bond transferred has some of the effects of a bond breaking. And for Lan who presumes Moraine died, would feel the loss keenly as he spent 20+ yrs at her side, bond or no. 
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