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Three word story

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    • Actually a really interesting theory, but Lan was suffering the effects of losing his Aes Sedai. The fact he was suffering from that means it wasn't her simply releasing it.  His new Aes Sedai was bedding him and stuff to try and keep him alive.   I feel RJ made a mistake with Moraine having the bond transfer.  She told Lan about it in book 2, it would of made more sense for her to do it after going through the doorway and entering Rhudiean.
    • Did Moraine intentionally fake her death? ie, the bond didn’t break, Moraine passed the bond before she launched herself at Lanfear. Lan was unconscious so he wouldn’t have noticed. And no one else would have either.  She may have known she had to convince Rand not to come after her and her apparent death was the easiest way to accomplish it.  Moraine may have also know Nynaeve needed Lan so she could have the wherewithal to help Rand. 
    • Is RJ/BS saying that a man can heal himself if he is mentally ill?
    • Actually when Reading of Rand shielded I learned something new that changes things vastly. When Women link, the person leading actually loses the total she can draw.  Siuan was using women linked, so she only had a fraction of what the ten women could channel independently. That fraction may have been large (9/10) or small (3/10) but it is probably somewhere in between. But when 6 women shield a man, they don’t link. All 6 independently shield the man, that’s why there are 6 points and if a woman leaves, she ties off her own weave (at one point Rand had three knots holding his shield).  None of this answers the multiplier effect of the saangreal.  I agree Nynaeve may have been wrong, but how far off can she be? Also this was before she reached her own max. Say Nynaeve attained her max some point before fighting Moghedien. 
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