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Wheel of time tattoo

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I don't know if this is the right place to be asking. But i was wondering if someone could help out, or direct me to somone who can. i was thinking about getting a tattoo on my forearm, my is to have one of the dragon mark similar to what rand has, however i was wanting it to be entwined with a variation on the great serpent. However my artistic skills are worse than non-existent, i was wondering if anyone has an artistic hand or knows someone who does who can help me out. I was be willing to pay the design i use.


Thanks :)

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wow it is a tough one :tongue:


I may have a try at it, but i am not sure i'll do something great. The only animals I draw and paint at the ones that cover my husband shields lol


Also, if you find a nice tattoo artist, he/she will draw that tattoo that you want with you. That is how it happens with the three tattoo I have :biggrin:

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