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[Harry Potter Week] Owl Post


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Welcome to the Blue Ajah's Harry Potter Week 2015 Owl Post!  This is a super fun and easy peasy activity :).  Each post counts as one Owl Post.  The first person writes a letter or message and the following post is a message from someone else to the previous letter sender.  For example:

(Owl Post #1)


Remember, it's LeviOsa, not LevioSA.



(Owl Post #2)


He defeated Voldemort, I don't think he needs instruction on how to say Leviosa.


(Owl Post #3)



Hermione is doing it again.




Rules:  As always, please keep it PG-13!  Also, no double posts, and please limit your letters to Harry Potter characters, actors from the Harry Potter movies, and DM members.

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Professor McGonagall,


I would be sincerely grateful if you could burn them with dragons fire.


In your debt


Ron Wesley



(EBWOP, don't know if I can post or not :unsure: ignore me if not)

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Your hair glints like burnished copper in sunlight

I will always treasure our momentous night

You are truly the loveliest sight


Please, please, please be mine again


Yours eternally



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Dear Hagrid,


One of your blast-ended skrewts is wreaking havoc on the Quidditch Pitch. Please address this immediately and CONTAIN THESE ILL-CONCEIVED MUTANTS BEFORE THE MINISTRY INTERFERES AT HOGWARTS AGAIN!



Minerva McGonagall

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Professor Minerva McGonagall,


It would behoove you to pay better attention to your Post, as the Ministry has sent you a very important letter.   Follow the instructions for a reply with NO deviation. If I do not receive a response from you within two business days, THERE WILL BE REPERCUSSIONS.  


I shall be awaiting your prompt reply.


Dolores Umbridge

Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic

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Dear Undersecretary Umbridge,


Several of my brothers and I will be visiting the Ministry tomorrow in regards to your letter to Professor McGonagall and expect you to escort us around the premises with all courtesy and respect or THERE WILL BE REPERCUSSIONS.




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Dear Sybill,


You appear to inadvertently dropped some of your beads in my office this morning. I regret that you did not await my return as I am hopeful you can assist me in solving a mystery.  You see, 2 bottles of my best oak matured mead have disappeared from my cabinet some time between yesterday afternoon and this morning.  Did you, perhaps, notice anything amiss when you dropped by?





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Old man Dumbledore, 


I'm not really impressed with the things they teach at Hogwarts. 


I was bored one day in Charms class and the thought suddenly occurred to me "Tom is an awfully boring name." 


Anyway, I wanted to think up something really cool. Something that sounded like I was a great wizard, you know? 


So I rearranged the letters in my name, genius that I am, and figured I could spell something really cool. 


'I am Lord Voldemort.' 


What do you think? Pretty smart, hey? Or is it too cliché?


Tom Marvolo Riddle



PS: What's your stance on noses? I mean, I know you breathe through them and all, but do they really need to be so big? 

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Dear Ginny,


I don't care about Harry's eyes, and how dreamy they are.  I really, really, really don't care!  If you fill up one more page about Harry's eyes, or write your name as Ginny Potter one more time, I may just puke out ink in your face.  You have been warned.




The Journal

a.k.a. Tom Riddle

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