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[Harry Potter Week] JEOPARDY


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Hello and welcome to this HARRY POTTER themed JEOPARDY!


Be aware that the answers and questions in this game may include spoilers up to the ending of the Harry Potter series. 


Before we get down to the nitty gritty answers and questions I would like to ask those of you who want to play to sign up and by that subscribing to the thread. It will be possible to enter later as well once the game has started, but I would like to know that I at least have some players to start up with!


Rules and categories will follow. I'm going to start this game on Wednesday at 5pm EST. (If anyone can link me to a good time zone converter I'll put that up here.) Kaylahn will help me posting new answers and giving points when I'm not around :smile:


Please sign up! I hope we'll have lots of fun!



Misheru            2200

BlomBesie      -100






Dicetosser        4700




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Hm.. well.. if you're up for a question I'll make it so that there is a deadline in the rules. You have to respond within this many hours or the question gets passed to whomever... is that fair? That should be predictable for you and won't leave the others hanging forever..

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:ohmy: But I'm getting ready to leave work and will then be running my kids to their respective activities (oldest to Band practice and youngest to jiu-jitsu) . . . Band practice is from 6-9, jiu-jitsu is from 6:30-8:30.  I guess I need to try to remember to take my tablet along . . . I still have almost 1 gig left of data for the tablet, and 1.2 gig left for my phone . . .


I just hope the dojo (?) doesn't start blasting the expletive-laced rap music they played last night.  There were kids there, for crying out loud, and they don't need to be hearing stuff like "you crazy-a** b*@&*, I ain't f*&*&%* with you" and such "lyrics" for hours on end.  :mad:

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