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Approved Seanchan bio: Der'sul'dam Cura Relis (Jagen Sedai) - CC'd by WT


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DM Handle: Jagen Sedai


Owner of Seanchan members: (name of Seanchan characters you already own and their status active/inactive/dormant/killed/etc) Applying also for Meissa Turan­­


Character Info

Full name: Cura Relis

Age: 30

Role: Der'sul'dam

Physical appearance: Black hair, bright blue eyes, 5'4; average body type. Usually always in her uniform. Cura's face is soft, giving her an appearance younger than she really is.

Physical weakness: Cura is of average strength, and does not have any special training.

Physical strength: She can wield a knife, and was taught how to use a short sword. The damane she is in charge of are her main weapons.

Personality: Cura likes everything and everyone to remain in their proper place. She values order and planning, as well as her job training sul'dam and overseeing them and the damane. And while making sure that others do not rise above their station, Cura herself was a regular sul'dam not too long ago. However, a plot involving the High Lady Retamin helped secure Cura's place working under her.

Personality weakness: While Cura does not care much for anyone except herself, she does care for her younger brother, though she'd never admit it. For her, this is a weakness. But perhaps more relevant to the world, she is very stubborn and close-minded to the non-Seanchan culture—and also very impatient. She brooks no nonsense from people, though has just a little patience with new damane.

Personality strength: Her stubbornness can be her strength, if it benefits her to keep a certain position. However, she can also change her stances quickly to a winning or more popular side.

Special: N/A

History: Cura currently works under the High Lady Retamin Elioth, and helps, at times, to care for her younger brother, who is considered somewhat 'special' under the High Lady's house. Cura was a sul'dam until her recent promotion, as well as the promotion of Meissa to so'jhin, who worked together with Cura in a plot to murder the High Lady's ambitious and annoying younger sister, the High Lady Sera, who was planning to kill Retamin. That business said and done, Retamin kept her seat and Cura got her coveted position.

For her older history, Cura came from west Seanchan, from a city named Sohima. Cura's family were minor nobles. She was a middle child, though her oldest sister went off to become a soldier and she never saw her again after she left. Her brother, who is still with her, serves as House Elioth's map-maker and book keeper. He has a fantastic memory for facts and is the top map-maker in Seanchan, but is rather socially awkward and is usually not in any public sphere. Cura brought her brother with her when she was chosen to become a sul'dam, and together after her training they went to the warmer environment of Kirendad to work for House Elioth.

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