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[Gig Review] Distant Worlds, Music from Final Fantasy @ Benaroya Hall, Seattle - July 11, 2015

Rasheta Ardashir

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Synopsis of overall gig experience: 

This is an orchestra production of the music of the Final Fantasy Games. It started as an homage to Nobo Umeatsu who is the composer for the first ten FF games. It now includes songs from the composers for 13 and 14. This is the second time I've seen this show, and it was reworked since the first time I saw it in 2009. Final Fantasy is celebrating just over 25 years of being a series. So Nobo required that some of the songs be redone, the Opera for Maria and Draco from FF3/6 is now "complete" with a narrator for the story a choir part and added musical numbers. The performance by the Seattle Symphony were accompanied by video of the game the song was played from it looked like this 




the music in the show had more from FF9 this time around and a few medley's of different music. FF3/6 had various character themes all put together. Many different battle themes were put together as well. It was a little nice to hear at least a little of a theme you enjoyed. My brother loved hearing the first part of Terra's theme it made it worthwhile for  him. He also loved the Zanarkind piece from FFX. I loved the two songs from nine the best. As always the conductor ended the show with One Winged Angel, he had the audience sing the "Sephiroth" part with the choir. It was a lot of fun. 


- Rating of Performer(s) 10/10. I really like the conductor, Arnie Roth, he seems to realize the level of fandom the games have and treats the audience like a big family. He encourages people to clap and enjoy themselves. I don't know if he's played any of the games, but he seems to know his stuff. He is good friends with all the composers so that might help his understanding of the series. 

- Rating of Venue 10/10. 

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Aaaahhhhh! You went to Distant Worlds?!?


*mini freaking out*


*calming down slowly*


If there is one thing in this world that I want to attend some day, it's Distant Worlds. I'm very jealous.

Terra's Theme <3

And To Zanarkand is my favourite song of all time <3

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