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How do we revive the forum?

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Dragonmount could probably use a format revamp. What worked for major, long-form discussions on a huge variety of topics is not what you want for more Q&A and smaller nostalgic "what if" discussions.

I don't really know what that would look like, just a thought.

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We're probably going to do some changes before the Companion release to accommodate the latest version of Invision Pro. Not sure what that will be yet, but there's some new to us features and we'll need to update the layout. 

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Last week I saw that Mashiara posted something, and it got me thinking.


DM is getting more and more traffic minute by minute (according to alexa.com, it would be great the get a little real info from DM itself), but it seems to me that there are 20 half active 'posters' (they click on topics regularly), and there are 5-6 active posters who try to 'maintain' a certain flow.


Back to Mashiara: we had never agreed on anything (on any board we met), as far as I remember, but it would be great if if we could 'clash' again, I mean, I'm sure that she (and others too) sees many things different now regarding the books, the characters etc.  But she does not post anything to the General Discussion...


New posters: they come and go talking of Michelangelo, mostly they just pop in for a minute


It is just sad


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We are getting new people, it is just that they are either reading from scratch, or going back to finish the books. Those will always seek out DM. But the biggest surge in traffic will most likely be from the t.v show when it comes. That will be interesting, especially if old identities return because of the show.

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