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Gabe's Orientation (Attn: Seph)


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Roudal stood looking out the window of his office. It was a beautiful day and the sun shined on the Fortress of Light. Roudal smiled at that. The Light always shone brightly on the Children.

Roudal.turned and sat down at his desk, opening a ledger to start his work for the day. He pulled out an inkwell and pen and began to get to work. He worked steadily and silently in his normal fashion and soon after starting he heard the approach of new recruits.

Their approach was always the same - loud - and Roudal had never gotten used to the noise. Most recruits were younger men and in their travels to the Fortress had become friends. They lacked the discipline of trained soldiers and thus were almost always goofing around when they came in. The group entered his office noisily. A few of the men were silent and attentive, waiting to hear Roudal speak. A few even looked irritated at the volume of their companions.

This kind of behavior irritated Roudal, and he cleared his throat loudly to silence them. Almost immediately, the group quieted down and paid attention to the large man at the front of the room. Roudal stroked his forked Kandori beard thoughtfully as he looked over the group of newcomers before addressing them.

"I assume you are here to join the Children of the Light. Don't think you will leave today with a nice shiny sword and a clean white tabard with a sunburst. You will first start as a recruit here doing basic training. This time will important for you to decide if you belong here with us."

Some complained, once again, this was a normal reaction to his usual introductory speech. He responded with the same no nonsense response he always gave, "This is for us to decide if we want you in our ranks as well."

The recruits became silent at that, listening closely to his next instructions. Apparently the group decided that if they wanted to join, it wasn't a good idea to get on Roudal's bad side. Taking the recruit book from his shelf, he set it on the desk, the loud bang making some recruits jump.

"First, you will need to sign your name into this book. This is our recruit book, and we need to have a record that you came to join us today. If you cannot, please tell me your name and I will write it down for you. Don't be ashamed if you cannot read or write. We have several recruits that have learned how to do so. If you remain at the Fortress, you will learn. After signing, please report to the Quartermaster outside," Roudal pointed to another office outside of his window. "He will fit you with armor and a plain white cloak. You will earn the sunburst only after your anointing. After that, please report to the pavilion outside. There we will begin your orientation to the Children of the Light."

Roudal pulled out a pen and handed it to the first recruit to sign the book.


(OoC: Post your arrival and signing of the book - any reactions you may have as well :happy:)

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