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Approved CotL Bio Resubmission - Gabe Garner - CC'd by Wolfkin/Admin

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Gabe Garner, age 18
Hometown: Taren Ferry
Physical description. Gabe is 6ft tall and light brown hair and green eyes. He weighs around 160 pounds. He was pretty small for a farm boy, but tough.He would be able to lift equipment, and do jobs no one would think possible for someone of his size. Down his arms there are scars, from working around the farm and never taking time to treat them properly. Gabe is outgoing, but is still a bit shy towards people. He is average looking, just a bit scrawny if you would ask most folks. His strength usually suprises most people.
Gabe was born on Dec 1st in the mid of winter. He was even small for a baby, and was very lucky early on. Usually kids born late in winter, especially during a snowstorm like Gabe. It was because of his father and mother he had even had a chance. Julie and ken took every candle, every blanket to keep gabe warm. They risked their sleep, and their health to make sure their little miracle would make it. That is exactly what happened, A miracle. Gabe made it through the winter and was growing up young and healthy. What more could parents ask for.
Gabe at a very young age was very out going, he would sometimes pushes the limits of the rules in place. He would not break the rules unless he thought it was for the greater good of his cause. Which in most cases in a eight year olds mind, he was always right. Gabe spent most of his days on the farm helping his father. Although he hated the work, it had to be done for him, and his family to continue on. Often times he would hide in the barn from his father. In the loft he would often pretend he was a knight protecting the weak, swing a stick through the air bringing justice to those who dared challenge him.
Shortly after his ninth Birthday, Gabe became a big brother. He was so excited because he would fianlly get the to protect someone. Although she had only been a member in the family for a few weeks, Gabe loved her more than anything. Right there he mad a vow, to never let any harm come to her. Gabe wasn't exactly the biggest, but he was quite strong. He had thought being strong would always be enough to protect her. However shortly after her 7th birthday Macy, his sister began to get terrible sick. During this time Gabe was lost, he had no idea what to do. As hard as he tried he could not protect the ones he loved, he could try but there would always be something or someone he would not suspect. After weeping for months he decided that, if nothing else he could be with her, and care for her. Over the course of 2 years that is exactly what he did. Gabe was by her bedside every day, usually telling stories or him as a knight protecting the town, even protecting the king. They made Macy laugh, and that is what mattered most to him. 
shortly before his 18th birthday, Macy had started to recover her strength slowly. She had started eating more, drinking more, it was such a miraculous sight! The wisdom Daisy had been coming almost every day for two whole years. The medicine she gave her would sustain her.... but no one thought she would get better, however Gabe never gave up on her. Throughout Macy's fight she wanted to give up many times, but Gabe was always there holding her."Macy once you get better we can visit every place I mentioned in my storys." "We will start our own, but you have to get better, besides who will keep me in line?" barry asked. Gabe made her promise over and over again that she would get better. The day that it had actually happened, was unbelievable. Macy sat up from her bed for the first time in a year, tears began rolling down his face as he hugged his sister. "Im so proud of you" Barry whispered. Ken and Julie were overjoyed and they had a few family and friends, as well as daisy come over to celebrate the miracle.
As the days went on Macy's health was improving slightly, it would take a long time for her to be back at full strength again. Barry wanted to show her, the tales from his story's. The only one that was true was of them going to the top of the hill and watching the sunset, as they had a picnick. Barry had carried he all the way up, and laid out a perfect evening. "Thank you for everything Barry" Macy said as she leaned over and hugged him. They set there for awhile in silence hugging one another, but as the sun began to set,"Barry you have been the best big brother anyone could ask for." "you gave up everything for the family, but mostly for me." I know this may be greedy of me but I have to ask you one last favor" she said. Macy started to tell one of the storries Ken had told them, many times before about when he was a whitecloak in a army, About the battles he had fought, and the people he had saved. When she finished there father began to walk up the hill with a white cloak in hand. 
"I want you to have this son, me and Macy decided that you need to go have your own adventure, to build your own life." before Barry could answer macy shouted with excitement " Do it for me brother, that way when I am all better you can take me to all those places you promised." all of this was Macy's idea. Her brother deserved this, a chance to live his own life, to start his own chapter. He should not have to take care of me his whole life she thought, "Plus look how strong im getting" as she flexed her arm. "Yes, yes you are he replied"
Barry knew at this point there was no arguing. It wasn't that he didn't want to go. He had told his father many times, He just wasnt sure he could leave his family. As if Ken knew what he was thinking,"Don't worry son, we will take care of her, and ourselves. Whenever you come back, you and Macy can start a new adventure together.
Barry's smile widened, his dream was finally coming true, he would be following in the steps of his father. Over the next 5-6 months Ken was showing Barry the basics of swordplay. Through sweat and various bruises Barry had finally gotten the basics down, unfortunetly it was all the time he had. His 18th birthday was finally here. It was a sign of him becoming a man. Before leaving he promised to write Macy every chance he got, and as his father tossed him coin for his journey he set off to start his new journey.


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Lovely, some good work gone into that rewrite. Well done, Seph. Consider this CC'd. Enjoy your RP's.

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