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Welcome White Knight to BT!

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Didn't they lose?


I mean ... If we can go for pre existences of America then all your States belong to us.


Yeah, sure. May I remind you that England has once had a Dutch king?


Yup, that's right, if we go on this way England AND the USA belong to us.



his Mother was English...so doesn't count :tongue:


And then he married his mother's niece...they liked to keep it in the family, a bit like Cornwall >.>



Well, he was raised Dutch, he was raised in the Netherlands, and he was a Dutch king stadholder (I think?) first. And considering all the intermarriage and all in Europe, it's better to just not count those.

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I can't believe I actually said the Netherlands had a king in the 17th century...

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Fun fact: The last time any stadholder, king or queen in the Dutch royal house married with someone from the Netherlands, is somewhere in the 17th century. Basically, we're ruled by foreigners. Or, I'd nearly say, by Germans, because the father, grandfather and great-grandfather of the current king are all German.

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Welcome to the Black Tower, home of all that's insane and crazy!


Tainted Tea?

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