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Hm... so far it's kinda hard to say... 


When we mock the Swedes we usually make a joke and include the Danes in the joke to point out we're actually not horrible to all our neighbors.


First one to make me laugh on behalf of the other country wins :wink:



Q: What is the difference between Swedes and Norwegians?

A: The Swedes have nice neighbours!




There were two Swedish carpenters building a house. One of them opened a pack of nails, and asked the other: "Why are half of the nails lying in the wrong direction?"

The other replied: "You moron! They are supposed to be used on the other side of the house!"



Also you can check out this fun comic that's dedicated to various country stereotypes.


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Well, once the Belgian king went to the Dutch king. He said, "We're tired of your citizens laughing at us. Please build a bridge in the desert so we can laugh at you for once." And so it happened. The Dutch built a bridge in the desert, and the Belgians laughed at them. After a month, the Belgian king went to the Dutch king again and told him, "We've laughed enough now, you can remove the bridge again." To which the Dutch king answered, "We can't. There's a Belgian sitting on it, fishing."

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You're just as horrible as us Norwegians and Swedes...


I call it a draw! You are forever going to have to fight it out between yourselves!

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