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Sallys Restaurant & bar, Stockholm Sweden.


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Sallys Restaurant & bar 


Address: Västerlonggatan 52, Stockholm, Sweden.

Price: € - 

Parking: None

Service: Excellent

Location: Sally's is in a narrow pedestrian street in the middle of Old Town in Stockholm. It looks nice and cosy from the outside, and inside it doesn't disappoint. 




The charming waiting staff will greet you at the door and hold it open for you. They are clearly enjoying their jobs as they are constantly picking fun at each other. They may not be so quick to notice you trying to get their attention, but they were charming enough to make up for it. 


Now for the food (full menu can be found on their home page).


We were there for lunch, so I ordered one of their lunch dishes; Pasta penne with honey glazed chicken and a gorgonzola sauce. 


The food was delicious, and it was quickly served. 


This is definitely a restaurant I would love to visit again. 



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Are those drawers there on the left in the bottom photo? If so, are they used?  And what's in them?


It looks like a very homey spot.  Unfortunately, I can't check out the menu here at work (it's blocked) but what you ordered sounds delicious!  I love honey glazed chicken!

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