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Hellenic Kouzina


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  • Hellenic Kouzina Greek Café
  • 500 East Main Street, Mechanicsburg, PA
  • http://hellenickouzina.com/
  • Location is in a mostly residential area but across the street from a Naval base.  I don't know the area well enough to give an opinion of the location. 
  • $ to $$ depending on what you order


Oh. My. Word.  *swoons*


I had eaten at this cafe a couple years ago and it was quite good.  This year, the restaurant looked even better. They had expanded and renovated.  There was an outdoor seating area which wasn't open at the moment but I believe they open for dinner and/or on weekends.  The interior was spacious and the feature wall . . . words fail me. It was a waterfall wall.  Water cascading down a glass pane that divided 2 sections of the restaurant. Words can't do justice and I really regret not taking photos.  I'll try to get a photo next year.


When you walk in, you place and pay for your order at the front.  Right there where you pay is a huge dessert display with drool-worthy and HUGE desserts.  I was sorely tempted but ended up not getting any dessert.  After you order and pay, you seat yourself and either go back for it when your pager goes off, or the servers bring it to you (we had a large party so they brought ours to us).  


I ordered the Lamb Souvlaki Gyro and it was absolutely, positively amazing.


Service was phenomenal; the servers were very attentive and the owner/chef made it a point to thank us as we left.

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i absolutely LOVE greek food, and that seems like a place i might go to. There aren't any good greek restaurants where i live.... but, then again, i've been to Greece a few times in the past couple of years, and the food there is diffirent from what they serve in other countries. Greek food, is best in Greece *nod*

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Sounds like an awesome place. I love authentic food, almost regardless origin. I don't have much experience with Greek food though, having never been there and there not being many Greek restaurants in Norway. 

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