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[Album Review] All the Lights in the Sky by Area 11 - Gaijin Rock


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Title: All the Lights in the Sky

Artist: Area 11

Genre: Gaijin Rock





1. System;Start (Is this really a song? I'm not giving it a rating)

2. Vectors - 10/10

3. Euphemia - 10/10

4. Knightmare/Frame - 10/10

5. Tokyo House Party - 9/10

6. Shi No Barado - 7/10

7. Cassandra (Pt. II) - 7/10

8. The Strays - 10/10

9. Dream and Reality - 8/10

10. Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill - 9.5/10

11. Bosuzoku Symphonic - 8/10


Overall rating: 9/10


Here I'm going to review an album by a band you've probably never heard of. It's currently some of my favorite music. Most of the music in this album is inspired by anime. This album's first track, System;Start, isn't even really a song so much as the band members saying "Are you ready to start?" I'm not really sure why it's on there but it is very short. The first real song on the album is Vectors, and it is also one of the album's best songs. It's very fast-paced and has great guitar music. The next song is Euphemia, my favorite song on the album. It has great music, great lyrics, and is one of the band's most well-known songs for a reason. Knightmare/Frame is another of my favorites. Tokyo House Party sounds completely different from the rest of the songs on the album and doesn't really fit, but it is still very great. Shi No Barado (which means ballad of death, I think) features the singer Beckii Cruel. I'm not a big fan of her singing, and the uncreative lyrics make this one of my least favorite songs on the album. Cassandra Pt. II is my least favorite song on the album; there is nothing about it that makes it stand out and will be easily forgotten. The Strays is another of my favorites, with great saxophone music and lyrics - it sounds very unique. Like Cassandra, Dream and Reality does not stand out at all on this album, but it is catchy. Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill is another of the best songs, despite having some screaming parts (I'm not a big fan of screaming in music) but there is not too much that would take away from the song. Bosuzuko Symphonic is actually a combination of 5 songs, all of which are instrumental but the 4th, All the Lights in the Sky. The instrumental songs do not stand out, but All the Lights in the Sky is one of their best songs in my opinion. 


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