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Recruit review -- Nicky's Pizza


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I lived briefly in Connecticut on the Massachusetts border.  I used to be an Amusement Park entusiast.  While living there I visited Six Flags New England.  The park was okay.  Busch Gardens Tampa is my number one park and I would certainly go through park reviews if there is a place for that.  But... while at Six Flags New England my ride left me there!!  I walked a couple miles with the girl I was seeing and came across a pizza place.  I am a pizza enthusiast and would basically eat pizza everyday if my wife would agree.  The pizza place appeared like a mom and pop pizza place in a small town.  We gave it a try.  The town is so small, when I googled the address to put it on here I realized that if I hadn't googled the address I would have had the entirely wrong town!!  I thought I was in Springfield Massachusetts.  But it is a tiny town of probably 10,000 people called Agawam.  All that is the long way to say.... This is absolutely, bar none, the best pizza I have ever had (in my opinion).  I don't live anywhere near there now and I have lived several places.  But Nicky's Pizza was my favorite pizza.


  • Agawam, Massachusetts.
  • 1000 Main St, Agawam, MA 01001.
  • The webiste redirected.  Perhaps it is under construction.
  • Location isn't that great unless you are visiting the amusement park.  I can't think of anything else that would bring you there.
  • $ - (Pretty sure we ate for under $15.  This was a few years ago.)
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