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If I could Channel right now, I would ...

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... Weave a Shield of some sorts around our squatter neighbours so the noise they make is contained in a 1 meter radius around themselves. Hopefully it will amplify the sound too.



The rules are simple: Post what you would do RIGHT NOW, THIS MINUTE, if you were able to channel.

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repel the owlbears attempt at unweaving until he can be relocated to wherever in the Canadian Yukon snow park he likes, and tie off the thermostat.


Canada not big enough? I'll leave both polar caps and the whole Santa Claus territory untouched. and Siberia can stay as it is.


let my bones stop hurting in this darned miserable cold and enjoy your snow far far away.


oh, I'm channeling all the cleaning and making automatons to carry out my cooking instructions.


I might need to fly.... yes, I'm channeling flying.

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From my ice castle in the far northern reaches of Finland, I would channel a weave which would make this song follow Cindy around until the end of her days.




And then I would wear all the fabulous dresses.

I sing Christmas carols year round. I love snow songs. it's the frozen water and the temperatures that maintain it that I hate.


as long as you keep the snow within the bounds of the fortress of solitude I won't have to channel the Bubble Dome of Doom over you.

Edited by Mrs. Cindy Gill
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I would bend time.


the icky hours at work would be as a moment


the joyous hours free with my beloved and our kitties and within my own mind would be as an eternity


the lost and wasted hours of painless energetic youth would be recaptured at will


the entropy of age would be reversed, all pain and slowness of mind gone, without sacrificing the lessons of age


every cherished moment relived, every lost loved one here to be held and cherished, every ridiculous waste of time fizzled out and banished


and I would have gotten the MD cause damn doctors aren't any smarter than me and yikes are they ever richer.


so I reweave time, I undo all my errors, I'm so much kinder to the pups and the family and.... that unravels the universe but I'll just reweave it.



Edited by Mrs. Cindy Gill
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