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    • its a darthe game.      
    • Oh y’all haven’t tried to lynch me yet.... yay!!! 
    • Looks like. Mueller says nothin happened. Looks good for Trump.
    • DL is set after everyone posts.
    • Gyld, I’m a big Narg fan, wrote some fan fic with his story. Varder, never considered that the contrails and the burns could be the same source, will think more on it. Burns being from a jet... that doesn’t seem consistent. Everyone’s assumption that the burns are a powerful laser in orbit seems the most likely. Perhaps the existence of that laser is incredibly unlikely, but since this world is far from the central reality, unlikely things are more common. Burns continued, I took for granted that the shape of the burn was when a large circular laser brushes the spherical surface, at the ends it is only just touching and in the center of the burn more of the laser is touching. The different sizes, same laser, deeper aim from the horizon wider and bigger.  Contrails, they are just so much like a jet contrail. Dephael, a rocket engine (like those we use today) has exhaust expansion that would disrupt the line. Additionally contrails tend to occur a specific altitudes, jets tend to stay in those altitudes creating a consistent line. Rockets tend to change altitude rather rapidly and most fuels won’t create any contrail at all. Smoke tend to billow. Grolm, I am a supporter of the theory that Grolm are the last (or almost last survivors of this world). Lanfear wouldn’t have gone to get them from Seachan. Grolm are part of the natural fauna of Randland’s world, much like kangaroos live in Australia, Grolm live in Seachan, tho perhaps prior to AoL, Grolm live in central Randland too.  Hawkwing did appear to exist in this world, the hawk is lying on its back dead at the bottom of the totem pole. While it is possible to infer that history diverged at this point drastically, it would appear that the very nature of this world was always different. It is a smaller planet. 
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