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[Gig Review] Korn @ Rockhal Luxemburg - February 4, 2015

Thane Vakarian

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So, yeah, i slept 1.5 hours last night, but it was totally worth it. 


Location: Absolutely magnificent. It's a large building, especially built to be used as a concert hall. The main hall can be divided, so they can host large and small crowds with just some minor changes. Parking space though, that's something else. Not easy to come by, but, not too expensive (€3.60 for 3+ hours)


First things to do: Seeing i won my tickets through a radio contest, i needed to head to the ticket booth first. The entrance is quite large, so no crowding before getting in. Service was excellent, i gave my name, sowed my ID, and got my two tickets without any problems. I'll keep those, seeing the 'price paid' was €0.00 :biggrin: Food and drinks were available. I didn't take anything, so honestly, i can't tell you if it was expensive or not. I did see portions of fries, belgian waffles with whipped cream and hamburgers go around, to give you an impression of the food. Drinks quite standard, soda and beer.


While waiting for the opening act to begin, we went to the merchandising shop. Still wearing the shirt i bought at this moment. 


Now, the most important.... let's talk music!


Support act: The Qemists. You can find some background on them here. To put it like this, it was ok what they did. It's a bit too much electro for my liking. They did have a good chemistry on stage, and the way the band reacted to eachother was good. I did appreciate the fact that there was an actual drumkit on stage, and that did didn't use electro for the drums. If i remember correctly, here are some titles that were played live: 


The Qemists - Your Revolution

The Qemists - Stompbox

Big kuddos for their final song: an awesome cover of the Beastie Boys' 'Fight for your right to party'. Unfortunately, it was the only song in their short setlist (30 minutes) that really got the entire crowd going. 


 Main act: Korn_logo.jpg


For the people who know Korn... you know it's going to be an awesome show if ' Right now ' is the second song on their playlist. the show was a big line-up of all their greatest hits. It's their 20th anniversary tour, and they know how to celebrate that with their fans. 


I could line up songs they played here... but... i will just mention the ones that really stuck out. Shoots and Ladders, followed by One, followed by Got the Life.... That, was awesome. Freak on a LeashFalling away from me, Y'all want a single, Did my Time, ... It was a show to remember.


Last, but not least, they did Blind. the song that started everything 20 years ago. During the into, the entire crowd went down on one knee... everybody. And when Jonathan asked 'are you ready?!', everybody jumped up when the guitars hit. 6000 people doing that... amazing.


Needless to say, i totally dig Korn. In my opinion, one of the best live acts ever. I really enjoyed going there, seeing it's hard to go to concerts when you have kids. 

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it was awesome :biggrin: We were both quite ill that day (both suffering from bronchitis), but the meds and great music helped to forget everything for a while. It was something just for Chae and me for once, no kids. So, hero of the day is my neighbour, who was willing to babysit

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